• Sarah O'Brien

Why are you fighting?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

We found this extremely profound and wanted to share. We too stopped fighting quite some time ago but haven't been able to articulate why we stopped quite so eloquently!

"I once asked a very successful woman to share her secret with me.

She smiled and said to me..

"I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters.

I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me...

I stopped fighting with my in laws...

I stopped fighting for attention...

I stopped fighting to meet public expectation of me...

I stopped fighting for my rights with stupid people..

I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight...

And I started fighting for

my vision,

my dreams,

my ideas and

my destiny.

The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming successful."

Some fights are not worth your time.


Sarah served as a Texas Main Street manager for over a decade and is a proud two-time Past President of the Texas Downtown Association. She lives in Smithville Texas and has worked in local government. community development, destination management and downtown revitalization across the State of Texas. She is a motivational speaker, consensus builder, and visionary problem solver who helps organizations and communities understand their purpose and achieve collective impact.

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