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Tiny Homes in Smithville, Texas: Resources

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

My hometown of Smithville, TX has been talking a lot about #tinyhomes lately. And in anticipation of our upcoming public forum which I am honored to facilitate, I thought I would compile some resources that could be easily accessed online for anyone interested in learning more about different housing types..

Details about the event are shown below, and you can view the invitation and RSVP online here.

Over the summer the City conducted a survey of residents about how they felt about tiny homes in their community. You can view those results online here.

Residents can also submit feedback and questions for the forum online here.


Well, that depends on where you live and who you are talking to.

The International Code Council defines tiny homes in the 2018 Building Code. You can view that section online here. Many communities have not yet adopted this code and are using a code that may not address tiny homes, hence the discussion in Smithville.

NOAH, the National Trade Association for builders, Manufacturers & DIY'ers, producing Tiny Houses, was created to inspect and educate the public about tiny homes in an effort to help ensure tiny homes are more suitable for permanent, full-time or part-time residential living. You can view their standards for tiny homes here.

The Tiny Home Builders are a national company that has done extensive research on this topic. Click the photo below to visit their extensive resource page.

The Congress for the New Urbanism was talking about tiny homes before they were called tiny homes. In fact, these cottages on wheels were used post-Katrina and are still in use today. Read more about the Katrina cottage tiny home here.

Bastrop County is home to Arnold Custom Home Builders. They manufacture custom tiny homes. Watch the video that they put together about living big in a tiny home.

Okay enough about tiny homes, lets shed some light on Accessory dwelling units (ADU), which are often confused with tiny homes. While a tiny home can be considered an ADU, there are many other types, most of which can be found in Smithville, TX. This type of housing has been around for hundreds of years.

The American Planning Association has information available here.

AARP has a fantastic guide to ADU's available as well. You can download the pdf or request a copy via snail mail. Visit them online here.

The folks at Acessorydwelling.org have an extensive online inventory of research and resource you can access online here.

We hope you took some time to educate yourself on some of the different housing types provided here. It is always important when discussing issues that affect your community to understand exactly what is being discussed before making a decision about whether it will impact you, your property or your quality of life.


Sarah served as a Texas Main Street manager for over a decade and is a proud two-time Past President of the Texas Downtown Association. She lives in Smithville Texas and has worked in local government. community development, destination management and downtown revitalization across the State of Texas. She is a motivational speaker, consensus builder, and visionary problem solver who helps organizations and communities understand their purpose and achieve collective impact.

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